From Dream Team To Reality

Ready, Set…

We often need help like yesterday, but the “traditional” time from job outline to onboarding can be a time consuming and arduous task for even the most experienced people. Adding a Virtual Team (VT) member to your organization doesn’t have to be difficult if using the right offshore provider. Onboarding can be as quick as one week if the necessary steps are thought through and communicated from the start.

Provide a detailed; job title, duties list, skill sets, degree/training required and level of prior experience for your VT.
Within 2-5 days the top two or three VT candidates will be selected by our HR team in Harare.
Video interviews are set-up for “back-to-back” time slots based on your schedule. You should allow 30 minutes for each VT candidate, typically these each takes 15-20 mins on average.
The best VT is selected by you and your team and an official offer is made on your behalf.
Your VT will go thru one day of orientation in our Harare office with our HRT team.
Onboarding begins with your VT and your office contact/for specific training. We strive to see the entire process is simplified and completed within 6-10 business days. Our success is your success. We will assist you in any way we can with
the training process and integration of your VT with your office. You will quickly see them as part of your extended work family as well as an important member of your team.

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