Eden Island – Praslin Island – Beau Vallon


My “bride” Lori and I, arrived on January 24th from Cape Town to Seychelles to celebrate my great friend and ZimWorX-SupportDDS business partner, Ken Sharpe’s 50th Jubilee Birthday celebration. But crazy as it may be, our friends for 12+ years, Reynold and Kimmie Leone, were on the island celebrating their 30th anniversary.


We had a nice 5-hour flight on Air Seychelles to the Mahe, Seychelles International Airport. Met a few of the group traveling to Mahe as well as Joanna “PJ” Sharpe on arrival. We transferred to Eden Island where we would stay in a nice 1-bedroom villa on an amazing inlet of the Indian Ocean.


On Wednesday, got in prayer time and a Gym Workout before we took the COCO-CAT shuttle from the Victoria Jetty to the Praslin marina where the Leone’s were awaiting in their chartered 52-ft Sailing Catamaran. The chef cooked us an amazing seafood lunch followed by a few local Seybrew local brew beers, Champagne, rose and red wines!  We then sailed 3 hours back to Eden Marina. WHEW…long day. But Wait, there is more.   I followed that up with an annual EOS Global Imaging meeting from 6:00pm to 12:00am local time. Now….WHEW!  Thank you, Jacobs Hazelnut coffee!


The following day prayer time, quick gym workout as we relaxed in the villa before heading over to spend the afternoon with the Leone’s at their hotel pool, L’escala. Amazing boutique hotel with 19 rooms, and just perfect service and atmosphere. It was crazy to see the 200ft yachts and even one that was over 300 ft., “The NORD”, which was valued at $500M. (Google it) The reason for all the boat traffic? Russian oligarchs had moved them to avoid seizure due to the Ukraine-Russian war. Must have been a few billion dollars in boats moored there. But wait, there is more! J Day two of EOS from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. WHEW…way easier day!


Friday, we moved over to join the other 48 persons celebrating Ken’s 50th. We arrived just before noon at “The Story” hotel in Beau Vallon. Beautiful once again! This was BIRTHDAY DAY. “All White – Whiteout” was in store for us all. Nice private lunch at a local sushi restaurant to kick off the day. Quick workout at the gym. The evening found us arriving to a photo shoot with Ken, live music by Jah Prayzah from Zimbabwe, DJ, toasts to our guests, followed by a night of dancing and a fire and LED show.

KEY NOTE; I was able to do my sing along of “Rappers Delight” by Sugar Hill for the crowd. Always refreshing to remind me of what I memorized some 44 years ago…and continue to use that “talent”!


Saturday was a planned day trip with all to the private island of Silhouette, but Lori was under the weather so we stayed in. (Travel caught up to her) She slept until 11:30am, then napped again from 2:00-5:00pm. Lori was refreshed and much better. Had a nice dinner on the beach for the last event of the weekend. Very relaxed. Got to spend some time with Aiyden from Kazakhstan. What a great guy. He has helped over 5,000 women in the past 9 years go from abortion or orphanages, to keeping them and helping them mentally, and with a new trade to support their families. Blown Away. We were in bed by 10:30pm!


Sunday up and at’em. Watched Jentezen Franklin Sermon, had breakfast, Lori had a massage, got in a workout (that was 4 of 5 days…BADABING), said goodbye to Ken, PJ and a few of our new friends. We met folks from South Africa, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Spain, Kazakhstan, Russia, Seychelles, and of course we be from Texas!


Now onboard Ethiopian Air for Addis Ababa then on to Rwanda to visit Kigali and hike with the Silver-Back Gorillas!


God is so Good?

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